This blog is dedicated to Peter Pan from Once Upon A Time because I have this inexplicable obsession with him. My sexuality is his eyebrows. He also happens to also have a gorgeous accent, perfect hair, sexy arms, need I go on? But you guys knew that already. Can someone please tell me why he is so attractive?

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Opportunity to be in one of my fics!



Hey guys!

I haven’t wrote a fic for a long time and and I’ve received a few messages that about writing fanfic that I’ll answer once my SAT and PSAT are over. 

As a general statement, after my SAT is over, the first fanfic that I will write is a continuation of Two Sides To A Coin. However, immediately after that, I’ll write a few more short fics dedicated to you guys!

For those of you who would like to be a part of a fic that I write (depending on how many of you participate, you might get an entire short fic to yourself), all I’m asking you to do is to take just a minute to like and leave a comment/suggestion on my video and subscribe to my channel. If you’ve already done these 3 steps, feel free to go straight to my askbox with your request!

Like and leave a comment here:


Subscribe (click the red Subscribe button) here:


Once you’ve done this, leave me a message in my ask that includes the following:

  • Your full name (or alias)
  • A statement that confirms you’ve liked, commented, and subscribed
  • The personality of the character you would like to be in the fic

Thank you all in advanced in helping me begin my channel. Everything is hard to start out (including this blog which I’m so happy to run), but hopefully it will all be great :)

For those of you who sent me asks informing me that you’d like to be in a fic, I’ve received them! I won’t be answering, however, because when I do, I lose the ask. Thank you for your support and I’ll get to the fics in about a few weeks!

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